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WINUAE - USB Controllers issues

Hi all, used to have an Amiga 500 and just downloaded WINUAE 1.3.4 (2006 12.30) and a load of roms. Got it working with the Kickstart Roms and works for mouse games, however having trouble with games that require a controller, I don't want to use the keyboard.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, using a Twin USB Gamepad (cheap unbranded). Nothing wrong with game pad as I have 2 pairs of them and work fine with MAME.

The only buttons that work in WINUAE are the left and right directional buttons and button number 1. This is fine for the odd game but understandably not all! If it makes any difference the directional buttons seem to be 4 individual buttons, rather than a one moving D-pad if you know what I mean.

In Settings > Host > Game & I/O ports > Mouse/Joystick Ports I have selected Twin USB Gamepad [1] or [2] in Port 0 and/or Port 1, and they do work as described but not fully.

When looking in Settings > Host > Input, I can select the either of the Twin USB Gamepad but I can only seem to view the Input source, Input target and Autofire, but when I try to click in the area or move the scroll bars, it hangs or goes into Not Responding. I therefore cannot edit/configure what buttons do what. Also interestingly, the 1st and 2nd X Axis are set to Joy Horizontal and Joy Vertical, with the 3rd set to <none>, but the single Y Axis is set to <none>. Shouldn't there be 2 x X Axis and 2 x Y Axis, not 3 x X and 1 x Y?

Can't see any other settings that would help.

Or is there anyway you can use a PS3 controller with WINUAE?

Whilst I am here, any general advice on some basic settings to improve WINUAE? I have set to Model A500/A2000, Configuration 1.3 ROM, OCS, 512 KB Chip + 512 Slow RAM (most common).

Thanks in advance.
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