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Syko - the fact that someone wrote something doest not guarantee that he is right
Your talking about CSMKII is right, but its not a "Z3 fastram" (this is a weird UAE terminology, call fastram Z3 fastram...) but a fastram, nothing else.
The "logical distribution chart" allow 128MB of space for fastram, you have to correctly interpret what "$08 000 000 - $10 000 000 = 32-bit Memory Expansion Space" means space for fastram, witch is sometime realy called a expansion memory space, so, its IMHO easily to understand.
...actually, i see that you are familiar with "expansion" term, so, i dont get why "my" chart dont allow space for fastram?!

And excourse me, but what do you mean with this: "that's why you have to have full chip RAM before you can have fast RAM"
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