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andreas - in fact, into Overkill the problem is not that "screen is wrongly centered" - thats something i get used to and dont care too much ATM yet, but the pixels is simply DISAPEARED and nonpresent there, even the resolution is 800x600 and therefore is more that enought big to pal screen with full overscan (what is not Overkill cause anyway) fit into.
The source of this problem is, that Overkill is badly centered even on Amiga. But just badly centered (moved to left), not with missing pixels

Akira - these are not meaned to be bugreports, just a statements, what happens and what someone can expect.

Amigaboy - desplite your ability to offend peoples, theres seriously missing ability to read. Please bother to read, that i stated, that ATR works for me, only not its WHDload fix.
About TrexWarrior - include your config, please, to i can check what i did wrong
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