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Originally Posted by brolly View Post
That's what I think exactly besides if it wasn't this rare it should have been dumped by now since quite a few persons should own it, but then again you can see the auction nittamituaki just posted where the same game was sold by just a bit over 15 USD! I wonder how my ebay saved searches missed that one... I have it set to search Oscar CD32 so it should have caught it. I would have easily bought it and get it dumped.
Having looked at that other auction again, I think I know why it escaped our radars.

It appears the seller was ("officially" at least) only willing to ship within their own country (in this case, the U.S.). From my experience with eBay UK's search engine, any international auctions not specified to ship worldwide are ignored in all search results. So even if we were smart and used to catch wind of this auction back then, the chances of convincing the seller to change their stance and agree to an off-country shipping deal are probably half-and-half. Such negotiation worked in my favour a couple of years ago in the case of the U.S. edition of Elf, but it couldn't convince another U.S. seller to sell to me their copy of SWIV 3D Assault (which necessitated me asking for help on here to get a "proxy buyer" to get it off of Amazon US and ship it to me after I paid them back).
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