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I wasn't offended by being called a youngster. It was just a bit fun since I haven't been called that for a while. But I know what you mean. Sounds like we have the same interests. If I had the space, I would have heaps of consoles and computer systems at home. I like repairing hardware since it gives you a bit of a kick to restore 'dead' electronics. And I learn heaps in the process.

I'm also working on some mini projects. Right now I'm working on a Sega Mega Drive to Amiga gamepad converter where you can set functionality with switches, such as autofire and remapping UP (jump) to one of the button on the right side.
Further down the track I'll do some experiments to see if I can convert the ball mechanism in a tank mouse with an optical sensor. Hopefully I'll have some decent progress to post here.

Thanks, it's good to be here! The Amiga community is a friendly place
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