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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
That is damned impressive. There feels like there's a little too much filtering in parts and some of the sawtooth waveforms are a little too reedy compared to the original (I'm something of a fanboy for this game on the 128k Speccy!) but considering that you're doing this with samples in a MOD tracker, I'm seriously impressed!

Of course, the real problem will be making an Amiga-style mod which updates the samples to more real-world instruments while keeping the jungly-style of the original... I'm looking forward to hearing what people come up with.

In short, nice job

Me too, I just hope it happens, like I said, if I get a load of good sounding mods, they ALL go into the game, no-one gets left out.

I wouldn't dream of asking for peoples help and then not having the good graces to include some great sounding tunes.

We can but wait, but we're off at least with one
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