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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
And if it's not as rare on eBay as it's made out to be, how come I've never seen it crop up on there many times before? Is it more common in the U.S.?
That's what I think exactly besides if it wasn't this rare it should have been dumped by now since quite a few persons should own it, but then again you can see the auction nittamituaki just posted where the same game was sold by just a bit over 15 USD! I wonder how my ebay saved searches missed that one... I have it set to search Oscar CD32 so it should have caught it. I would have easily bought it and get it dumped.

I'm all in favor of driving donations towards buying rare games for preservation, but in this case I think the amount the seller is asking is absurd since the game isn't worth nowhere near that value. My bet is that it won't sell and he will have to relist it, so I'd rather wait.

I know he is a member here so since he owns the game he could have stepped up and dumped it for the community before.

And there's no difference between the game and the one bundled with Diggers, it's simply a standalone release.
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