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Hmm... from the third page in that PDF file:
For PAL Amiga models, the genlock device must provide the Amiga with horizontal and vertical reset pulses with the following rates:

HSY* line: Active-low pulse of proper duration every line (i.e. 63.99 uS or 15.625 KHz).

VSY* line: Active-low pulse of proper duration every two fields (i.e. 39.99 mS or 25.0 Hz).
If that's correct, for PAL Amiga/genlock CIAB TOD will count every line, as opposed to every other line for NTSC. But there doesn't seem to be any code in graphics.library to account for that. Meaning, if you try the test disk I uploaded before (drag the icon on Workbench), movement could be smooth with an NTSC Amiga/genlock but flickery with a PAL Amiga/genlock. It would be easy to patch Kickstart to fix that bug/deficiency, but I'm guessing no-one cares enough to do it.

It would be great if someone with access to a PAL Amiga + genlock could check that.

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