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Youngster? I'm actually a year older than you Unless you mean I'm a youngster because I'm new to Amiga?

I got thee machines:
A500 with RAM expansion. I'm keeping this for compatibility reasons.
A500 with 1MB CHIP, 8MB FAST, KS 37.350, CF card and 68010 CPU.
A1000 with 1.5MB RAM (0.5 CHIP and 1 SLOW) and a 68010 CPU. This is a US model so I have a 240/120 transformer with it.

I'd like to get an A600. It is smaller than A500 and has built in composite. With a PCMCIA network adaptor it would be easier to get stuff over to the computer without having to rely on my null model cable. With some FAST RAM (and 2MB CHIP?) this would be a nice gaming machine with WHDLoad. Expecially with an ACA620 accelerator
Next best is an A500 revision 8.1 motherboard. I should be able to get 2MB CHIP on these. Also good.

And I'm always on the lookout for a good CRT monitor. Either a Commodore one (1084 seems good) or a multi sync PC monitor.
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