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Thanks for reply.

1. I soldered on some headers to make connecting easier. Jumper pin is across BOOT0 - and I noticed that if it is made (programming mode) display is off.
4. Will try this thanks.
5. My serial-TTL is MAX232 chip so 3,3V (RX & TX). But good to know 5V is ok (I bought the MAX232 for Raspberry Pi).
6. Ah, I might have a problem here. I had to unscrew/remove the GND surround from my serial-TTL plug as I don't have a MALE-MALE(?) serial lead and I could not plug in the adaptor directly to my PC. Sounds like my GND might be broken. Will hunt for serial lead at work!
7. Ah yes I did miss that one to start with. Problems with having this to do in the evening and trying to bit a bit of hacking in the free time!

I ordered a USB-TTL adaptor at the same time as the Floppy Emulator. I did not expect the floppy to turn up after 7 days, so now waiting for USB-TLL (slow boat from China!). I am just trying to see if what I have at the moment will work.
I don't suppose you have a way of writing the firmware file with a Raspberry Pi?

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