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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
I have had no luck in getting my PC to talk to drive.
My rs232-ttl I don't think outputs 5v so I have connected the 5v+ from PC floppy drive lead. Not sure what to do with GND. I have tried both GND from serial-ttl and GND from PC floppy power.

The error message on the firmware flashing software says about resetting the device. There is a RESET header on PCB but I don't know what I connect it to for enabling resting.
Sometimes programme hangs for say 20sec before error message, other times message was coming up quickly, so it suggests it is talking with some combination of my leads!
1- You need to strap the BOOT0 signal to +3,3V. To check that this is ok, just power up the emulator : the display should stay off in bootstrap mode (display not initialized).

2- Of course you need to supply some power (5V) to the drive.

3- No reset is needed : the BOOT0 is also checked at power up.

4- Have you do a loop back test with an terminal software (hyperterminal?) of your serial adapter by connecting the rx & tx wires together ? This is a good way to be sure that the adapter and serial port is working.

5- You need a serial adapter with 3,3V output (tx) /input (rx) level
EDIT: Just checked : The UART programming pins of the STM32 are 5V tolerant. So you can use both 5V and 3,3V serial adapter without issue. No need to have a specific 3,3V version. I will update the page with this information.

6- The GND should be connected to the usb drive too. the serial adapter is already connected with the PC GND through the serial cable.

7- Important note: The picture on the website show you the actual pinout of the programming port, not where to plug the wires : Don't forget to cross connect the TX and RX lines between the adapter and the usb drive (adapter TX on usb drive RX and adapter RX on usb drive TX)

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