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Amiga Cd32 Jamma Arcade

Has any one ever seen an amiga cd32 running in a jamma arcade cab? As i got what i think is a rare prototype electrocoin pcb set that runs a modified amiga cd32 in a jamma cab. was not working when i got it but now works 100%.

It comprises of 2 main pcb's one is for controls and powers the cd32 the other one looks to be a timer board that works with the jamma cabs coin mec to add time to a timer circuit and is displayed on a lcd screen attached to the timer.

The set up comprised of a cd32 with a fmv module and to the rear of the amiga the pcb setup controlling the unit.

As i say this come from electrocoin and dates from the time predating the CUBO CD32 and is a lot larger and more advanced than its later CUBO CD32

I will do a video and take pictures if people are interested in seeing the unit

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