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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Ooh yes please!
I thought the sticking point with this though was a lack of hardware documentation. Is this still the case?
No, I already have full MPEG video and audio chip documentation. (Got it 2 years or so ago I think)

Problem is not technical. CD32 MPEG module requires emulation of technologies that have nothing to do with Amiga hardware (mpeg video and audio and output is pure analog, with genlocked Amiga video overlay. Amiga side can't even "see" the video or audio), it is just too different and not that interesting. Ability to play low resolution, low quality VCDs is not really worth the trouble.. (CD+G was much more interesting!)

Some kind of bounty could make it more interesting. (I am serious). I also require working CD32 MPEG module first and I am not going to pay any usual rip off prices.
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