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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post

However, AlexH touched on something which I kicked off as an idea before, which was to write an Amiga game, but use an Android Amiga Emulator as a wrapper to bring your game to a wider audience and charge for that.

Are smartphones more powerful than classic Amigas? No doubt, but a good game is a good game, plenty of Amiga games untouched wouldn't look out of place on Android or iOS.
That's, in my opinion, the only way to publish a classic amiga game by now... I'm sure it will sell but I won't expect massives incomes... A couple of hundred boxed copies on the Amiga (200*25€=5000€) and a couple of thousands digital downloads priced 5€ (10000€). Well that's not very much if you want to pay the team that have made the game !

However, games are still produced for many olds machines, and produce a physical release of a genesis games in 2014 is much more expensive then doing it on an amiga, so maybe it may be possible...
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