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I contacted them about a month ago by email and they didn't answer. Probably to busy. I guess the EAB isn't really for topics like this but I thought I would ask about the employment fields anyway. There must be some Amiga Industry in existence with games like MACE and Frogatto coming out for OS4. I wonder if those games were developed on OS4. To increase the sales of Amiga Future Magazine the writers should add a feature called 'Retrospective' at the back of the Magazine reviewing classic hardware, software and games with about 10 pages maximum covering it. This would be Awesome.

So if I want to follow my childhood dream I should do the following:

1. Become familiar with Amiga Operating Systems like OS4 and Morph
2. Design Computer Games in Amiga Software
3. Send off my ideas and instalments to companies that would be interested In them
4. Play, Test and Review Amiga Games
5. Create more games based on research and inspiration

Do you agree or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.
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