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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
I guess the Amiga Market is just waiting for an innovative prodigy to fill the big gap with a blizzard of creativity and rainbow spirit that will stun people and put them in awe.

P.S. Nobody still hasn't answered my question about getting in to Aeon for a job. Thanks.
Well put it this way - at Christmas one of the best known crackers from back in the day and most respected members in the community helped release one of the most anticipated games ever - Putty Squad. And what did it get? A couple of hundred downloads and a couple of dozen nice comments. A month later everyone has forgotten about it. Oh, and it was free. We're not being mean to you - the Amiga market died 20 years ago. You need to accept that.

If you want to make Amiga games, that's great. Some old fossils like us will gladly play them. But you will never make a career from it (unless you program for a modern platform, which is what we all suggested.)

As for Aeon, have you tried contacting them yourself? Some people expect everything on a plate...
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