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Yes Lemmings was one hell of an original game and is still fantastic! But then I never said there were no original games. Just not that many! The thing the Amiga did have plenty of though was the implementation of original ideas in older gaming styles. True about the Genesis tho! Lots of shmups. Looked at the shmups site and was amazed at the number! There were still a substantial number on the Amiga tho. More than a lot of other machines in the past. But for shmups heaven u can't beat MAME!

MAME is one of best things ever to happen to the PC, I reckon! Altho not just for the quality arcade perfect emulation of R-Type! If you havn't already guessed, Bombjack is my thing. The best platformer ever! Shame about the sequel tho. Just doesn't seem right!

Populous was another original game, which I still think is great! But I do prefer the last version that came out on the PC!

I think what the Amiga also had going for it was that no genre type flooded the game scene. It had balance, something few machines have got anywhere near since.
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