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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Only one way I can think of and that would be a commercial Amiga Emulator for Android, iOS & WM which could be packeged up with disk images to make stand-alone game titles.

Offering software games houses the ability to release the Amiga versions of their games for mobile platforms as if they had been written for them and at the same time adding advertising etc. Perhaps even net based multi-gaming.

RetroInfinity Inc. (What was left of Amiga Games Inc.) is in the process of doing this.
I have been waiting for something like this I remember people talking about such a thing a few years back.

I have some time on my hands and would like to finish off were I started many moons ago.

Started developing a game on android last year nearly finished a level of the game but become very board so ...

Was into flash and done some sites e.t.c I released a demo to the flash community and it was slated because most said it reminded them of old 16bit demo LOL that was the point I can not find the code I would show, I remember doing a part like the balls in Mental Hang over by scoopex but mine was all fake 3d .

Edit: Sad but very true edd_jedi is correct.

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