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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Many are using insanely powerful PSUs for their PCs nowadays.
For good reasons. PSU ratings indicate what they are able to deliver, as new. Over the years, this isn't retained...

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
300W would be plenty for most PCs and 400W for high-end gaming rigs (except for SLI/Crossfire setups),
You'd be surprised. The system i'm on right now is nothing fancy. I5 2500K @ 4Ghz, 4x2GB memory, 6 500GB drives, 1 120GB SSD, and a AMD Radeon 7950 from Sapphire, some factory OC version. I'm stable on a 630w PSU, but only just. When ever i try and OC the GFX, the system starts throwing really weird errors, unless i drop the clock on the CPU. Yet PSU calculators "estimate" my wattage at about 453w minimum. And just for reference, i have snagged the PSU from my server which is a 2x450w unit, hotplug and stuff... System is rock solid when OC'ing. The PSU i'm "stuck" using just cant handle it. So with the next SSD i'm buying, i'm ordering a new PSU, aiming slightly over the wattage i got now, and one with better efficiency to start.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
but people still seem to think that they need a 1kW PSU.. Remember that a quality 150W >> lousy 300W.
Your reasoning is flawed. Most systems where people get to pick their PSU them self isn't anywhere near 150w systems. Even on a 300w PSU, a quality one, you'd be hard pressed to run the system. Do people need 1Kw to run their system? All I need to go from my current system to one that puts me in that region is a CPU upgrade, and a switch to SLi / Crossfire on the latest GPU's. Hell, a 7970 GHz edition, or OC'd hits 300w on it's own... What are you going to do, run 3 of them?
Add to that the fact that PSU's generally are most efficient somewhere between 65 & 85% of their max capacity, and that as they age, efficiency gets worse. Do people actually NEED 1Kw PSU's? Yeah. I'm quite sure there are people that do. Would you need one for an Amiga. No. Most likely not. I'm getting by on a APOWER PSU, thats what... 55w? Sure, all i got is whats in my signature, but still.
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