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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
I've got one of Amigakits 300w ATX units for my desktop A1200, it's powering the A1200, Indivison AGA MK2, BlizzardPPC + 060, Dual CF card, External floppy and wireless PCMCIA card and seems OK for this setup. Not sure how much you need if you go tower and busboard with gfx, sound, network, cd-rom, usb etc!!
I think a good quality 150W PSU should be enough for a towered Amiga. Maybe a bit more if it has many HDDs, which need some current for startup.
Many are using insanely powerful PSUs for their PCs nowadays. 300W would be plenty for most PCs and 400W for high-end gaming rigs (except for SLI/Crossfire setups), but people still seem to think that they need a 1kW PSU.. Remember that a quality 150W >> lousy 300W.
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