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hello cd32 user need help

Hello everybody,

I hope you will understand my english...
I'm french and I live in Belgium, I'm 34 years old and like a lot of you i played videogames in the 80' and 90'. I really think videogames was better before because everything was to be done, no predefined type, no blockbuster and there was a lot of very good, cool, awesome, eccentric homemade videogames ! I played a lot of times on CPC 6128 and Amiga 500+ and some console hardware.

recently, I bought an Amiga CD32, the seller said me that he can not test totaly the hardware because he doesn't have any contoller or game. He said me that the console start ok but can not do anything else.
But when i recevid it, i mentionned another big problem : the console start and show me the cd image on tv on my tv (sound OK) but only 3 secondes and after that i've got yellow screen for a half second and black screen.
Can you please help me ? I can give you more information if you want.
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