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I've been doing a bit of work on the compilation even though I said I wouldn't for a couple of weeks! This is some of the stuff I've done:

- Super Street Fighter 2, The New Challengers AGA DX! This was a tricky one to get to go in the compilation, the only way I could get it to work is an IF statement right at the top of the startup script that'll boot the game if you hold RED while starting.
- Flashback, uses the "lowmem" slave which should hopefully give it better performance, plus there's a whole menu for every level in the game.
- Microprose Formula 1 GP, it's been on previous compilations but impossible to play without a keyboard because of the copy protections screen. I figured out a workaround for that.
- 4D Sports Driving is pretty much fully playable on the CD32 control, including using forward+reverse for acceleration and break, and you can even edit (but not save) the levels.
- Found a cracked version of Doman that seems to let you play past the copy protection screen.
- Took out Kickstart ROMs, fortunately there's only been a few games so far that I can't get to work at all without them (eg Best of the Best). Some of the games I've been able to get to launch directly without WHDLoad (eg Another World).

I've been looking at Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Zone. It appears that at least the 2mb version will work (even if extremely choppy) on a CD32, and it even has built in support for the CD32 controller - unfortunately there's two major caveats. One is you still need to type in numbers at the copy protection screen, two is you can't switch to joypad mode unless you press J on the keyboard. Do you think it might be worth putting in a support request for it to see if anyone can come up with a hack?

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