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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
I had some spare time and fixed the lost octaves. Hope this will be enough for a 1:1 conversion. I notice some little delay in the middle, but it's ok. The subtempo is 2 and the bpm is 255, to keep all the notes straight. For future conversions, I suggest you use the "AY_Emul -> YM, YM2MID and MID to Octamed Sound Studio with high resolution set in the SMF load options, then save to mod after some retouching" method. Its quite simple. Softwate attached.
Thats great, thanks for that.

Looks like we have our first module

Obviously theres going to be efforts from other people as well, and as far as i'm concerned, all good versions get included, and this is the very first one.

How do you wish to be credited?

What I will say is that we REALLY need an Amiga tune now, and if musicians want to go in their own direction creatively, then go for it, and i'm all for it. Having to listen to the original tune over and over and over and over again might be too much for some people, so be as creative as you want chaps

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