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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I just tried a couple of cracked versions of FIFA, I get the error "LOADMOD-ERROR_LOADING" :/ any ideas anyone?

(Edit: I get the same if I run "fifa /h" on the regular version, which is probably what you're supposed to do to load from HD)
You can still play the game if you keep pushing fire it will error a few more times with mod loading errors but you can get to the menu and game.

It seem to have problems loading the mod files from the game, I thought it might be a disc access issue but it I tried it from the RAM: and the same result.

I think maybe some kind of audio conflict when it tries to playback the mod files not sure how the conflict could be resolved? it works if you boot without the cd32 extended rom and freeanim doesn't make a difference.

More ram doesn't change things either, I think the game would need some kind of non whdload patch to fix it as it seems like a strange bug.

Maybe JOTD knows? he did the whdload slave
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