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You never even can manage 50fps scrolling at 100Hz screen W/O ghosting the image - its simply a fact, no matter what anyone else told you - and it happens on real Amiga too - using PicassoIV FlickerFixer you can push the PAL/NTSC refreshrate up to 120Hz, wheather 100Hz for PAL and 120Hz for NTSC (always exactly 2x) is desired.
But you very very soon realize, that this is simply NOT good for arcade scolling games.
Tought into games like SWIV you dont recognize a thing, ALL 50fps scrolling games, from TurricanII to SupeFrog show blured/ghosted image, when you moving.
Things get better (sharp), when you stop.
So, forget it.
50Hz or bust.
Try and if the monitor looks like he have problems, buy better one.

...tought, as max. frequency of monitors increasing, the flicking into 50Hz increasing too, since luminofors get tight and you have to set more Hz to get ergonomis refresh, that before, etc.

On PC i have to use 100Hz to get comfort with my eyes.
Years ago i used C=1084S W/O problems or any flicking - its because his luminofors light longer, and therefore not must be refreshed that much, as on modern monitors, so, you get comfort
at low refreshrate as well.
Fool-proof way of check what long your monitor hold the light into its screen luminofors, grab a 50Hz horizontal starfield, black background and white stars.
Compare, how long is the "ghost trail" after moving pixel and from that you can quess the diference between monitors.

(there are even longer lighting ones, that C=1084S, even Interlace dont flicking on these!!! - at least thats what i read long time ago... before RTG come...)
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