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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
Looking at A-Eon's Facebook Newsfeed page and have come to the conclusion that A-Eon are truly Genius. The things that they have created in the last few years and the projects that they are developing for the future are just insanely amazing and jaw dropping. Back in 1994 when I got a Commodore Amiga CD32 I always thought there was something different about this console with the demo's and games compared to the other consoles and computers on the market. That's why I'm still an Amiga enthusiast. The interesting thing is that Amiga Hardware, Software and Games feels more Special to interact with today than it ever was and that is saying something. Discuss.
Really? All I care about (amigawise) are real Amiga's not some fake wannabe Amiga (with a buggy OS running mostly OSS ports)... All I see is overpriced obsolete hardware with nothing special to offer...

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