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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I am not going to change how I work with UAE just because someone asks, I don't do politics, only code talks.
I only hoped/wished if it would be possible to synchronize ours work somehow as a team work, but it seems that it will be almost impossible, as it looks that you prefer work all alone ... what a pity.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(and you aren't the only one who tests demos, I have to test my standard 20-100 demo test set, depending on what was modified, which keeps getting bigger and bigger, every time I do chipset related test to confirm nothing got broken too badly. It is really boring^10. And you think you are the only one doing something frustrating. Unlikely. I just do it, I don't complain.)
Well then, I can continue the search for possible new demo problems, but do not expect me to checking again all the "Already 'Fixed' Demos" category when there is a new beta, like I was testing/verifying the beta 2 and also the test version before beta 5 recently (and almost every day some of when a new test version appeared).

btw. Something is missing in your "standard 20-100 demo test set" when beta 1, beta 2 and recently beta 5 can happen and you havent noticed it before publishing.

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