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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Just to say that sometimes can be really frustrating, especially if found that next beta has lot of problems that were not there in last test version.
Then you haven't really paying attention if it took this long to notice. It has happened all the time and will happen again. (and you aren't the only one who tests demos, I have to test my standard 20-100 demo test set, depending on what was modified, which keeps getting bigger and bigger, every time I do chipset related test to confirm nothing got broken too badly. It is really boring^10. And you think you are the only one doing something frustrating. Unlikely. I just do it, I don't complain.)

This is how emulation development works. Anything can get broken when code gets rewritten and rewritten again to better match currently assumed real hardware behavior (which is not fully known) and without breaking anything else, like other emulation modes.

I am not going to change how I work with UAE just because someone asks, I don't do politics, only code talks.

Also this was my last answer to offtopic posts in this thread. Future offtopic posts will be moved somewhere else.

Now, back to topic ... again

Chainsaw Scroller (Demo) by Razor 1911 ->

A500 most common ... if file is loaded directly it shows some glitches at beginning (pic.1), but if loaded after workbench disk it looks fine !!!
Yes, confirmed.
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