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Originally posted by trodas
The problem is, that OpenGL code is better, when come to this centering and the old code need a little update, i fear...
Old code DOES need a little update, that's what I've been preaching for months. But Bernd doesn't want to know anything anymore about his "baby" he once created. It's a shame!

...example? Overkill AGA. WinUAE (even W/O WHDload ) cut its gfx from left, about 20pixels.

Originally posted by Akira
You have to properly configure the resolution. This has been mentioned before (with Settlers).
Forget it, this is fruitless!
Kludging and plastering things is really nonsense if the problem is to be found INSIDE the code!

Originally posted by trodas
Toni, could you please take a look at it?
Unlikely, because he doesn't (yet) understand this code so well (it's Bernd Schmidt's code who -- since months -- refuses to fix it because he thinks it's not important! That's what he told me! You are at least the tenth guy to report this centering issue, so it's definitely more important than some OS 3.9 fixes or other stuff! )
And he just thinks you can just use a 640x480 / 640x512 mode instead and be happy with it! But even with a mode created with PowerStrip (768x576, for example) THERE IS NO WAY to get rid of this annoying border, unless you use OpenGL!
768x576 uncentered works fine, but I too want this damn picture in the MIDDLE and not anywhere else! Bernd, get out of your lazy bed, quit from your lethargy and fix it!

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