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Originally Posted by jdow View Post
And with some comparison with the hdwrench.library output I note that your device driver has the same problem as the ApolloSCSI - it reported HFERR_NoBoard rather than TDERR_BadUnitNum when testing unit 0. That kills the loop.
This is by design. Due to internal design of emulation, uaehf.device unit numbers are also reserved for directory filesystems (if first filesystem in Harddrives list is directory, it gets unit 0 and so on.. these all return HFERR_NoBoard)

This was made for HDToolBox (which is the most common HD tool for "normal" users) compatibility, if it gets NoBoard it will keep enumerating later units. If it gets other error, it stops. Other tools seem to do just the opposite (for example hdinsttools). Annoying.

If you are going to use low level HD utilities, it is good idea to move all directory harddrives after HDFs in HardDrives panel. This way first HDF (the one you want to work with) will get unit 0 and so on..

I'll test other problems later.
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