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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Just because you thought they were expensive, that doesn't mean he made a lot of money off it. It is expensive to design this stuff, make several prototypes, put stuff into production, maybe do some redesigns/fixes like with the ACA620 and the Indivision ECS. The scale of mass production today has just made us used to getting stuff very cheaply, but it can only work if you're making millions of units, which clearly is not going to happen with Amiga stuff today.

And did the Indivision ECS have Vsync support? I have one of those, and I haven't seen Vsync mentioned?
My bad, it wasn't the Indi Ecs versions that had Vsync, i haven't been able to use my Indi Ecs as the new A604 trapdoor ram i bought that's needed with the Indi, doesn't work in my revision of my A600 although my original trapdoor ram works fine.

It was actually the Indi AGA Mk1 that has Vsync support, which makes it even more puzzling as to why the MK2 doesn't support it-

Indivision AGA 1200 / Indivision AGA 4000

"Two output modes can be chosen:
Async mode: output pixel clock of Amiga modes are multiplied 2.5 times
Vertical Sync mode: exact double of Amiga mode pixel clock (eliminates tearing effects)"

Also more info here-

Indivision AGA MK1

"Two options have been added for retro-gaming enthusiasts that allow a step-by-step approximation to the display of an old TV set: Vertical synchronisation allows reducing the output frequency down to 49.9 Hz, which will eliminate tearing effects. In addition to that, a scanline emulation can be switched on. This will simulate the dark lines between the scanlines of a TV screen."

Also i do realize that the amiga hardware market is not huge, but if your going to make a product and have people pay good money for it, then i would at least expect better after sales support and software updates, rather then moving your attention to another project, being the ACA500.

If it wasn't for people like me and a few others who every few months, raises the topic again about the MK2 status and asking if we will ever get these wanted features, then the MK2 would be dead and forgotten about.

In saying that i do respect Jens and what he is doing, having bought 4 of his products i think i have shown my support.

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