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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No. Whats the point? I am not doing those just for you! Betas are supposed to be the ones to test, not random test versions.
Yeah, right ... but currently I am the only one who have spent last night testing all "already fixed" demos and reported findings here ... just dont forget this.

Also, according to your theory of "testing only the official betas", it could happen that something what works fine in one beta doesnt work fine in next test version, and on such way it could happens to miss some important demo problem just waiting for the next official beta ... just saying the point, it has already happened in the past.

"Momma knows what she's saying."

p.s. And, I am also not doing these only just for you ... than for all Amiga fans, let it be known.

Just hope that this is not a way for showing respect toward someones hard work in helping to find the emu problems, because if were so, then he/she can only wish that those others, for who are you also doing this, will continue to help with the same enthusiasm as he/she did.

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