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Not sure if we understand each other correctly. A so-called "directory file system" is one which is added to WinUAE when you use the "add directory or archive" button. It works like a network file system. There is no real device behind it. "uae.device" is put into the fssm just because something has to be put there. You won't ever be able to access this .device even if it was named differently.

The thing is that directory file systems are added by WinUAE as DH0, DH1, DH2 and so on. So if your 18gig HDD has a partition called DH0, too, there is a conflict. Such conflicts usually are resolved by the drivers by adding .1 to the partition name. My guess is that UAE's directory file systems take precedence over real harddrives and such your real harddrive DH0 partition is renamed to DH0.1 while the directory DH0 keeps its name.

Therefore I suggest you check the fssm of DH0.1 which should then correctly contain uaehf.device.
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