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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
driveinit is not implemented, never found any documentation (it only says "driveinit is not yet supported." in log if it is set in RDB). And I want to emulate everything just because you can, you are supposed to be able to run some ancient and stupid software on emulation. Even if it is most stupid thing to do

Normal LSEG blocks of course needs to be handled.
You have very private mail regarding the above. There is a reason this was VERY seldom implemented.

If you want "official" support, mount the HDF as A600/A1200/A4000 IDE or A590/A2091 SCSI drive (You also need A590/A2091 boot rom image). This bypasses uaehf.device and uses official binary driver. Good idea for comparison purposes too.
Hm, don't have an A2091 image. Is there a clean one floating around? (I am pretty sure that will not clean up the DiskEd issue.)

RDB hardfiles shouldn't have anything to do with uae.device, it is directory filesystem only. Are you sure you don't have any directory filesystems active at the same time?
Quite a few - that 18G disk has a system partition, whole lot of modest size partitions copied from smaller disks using FFS and one huge SFS partition for half the disk and in some spare space at the end a backup system partition. The spare space partition has block zero contaminated. I can tell that from the way it doesn't mount and diagnostics I can get from 3.9's hdfoolbox replacement using my low level test too.

I am quite sure one has used those tools (until now). hdtoolbox and other popular tools that use scsi commands work fine.

It should return normal CHECK CONDITION + ILLEGAL REQUEST/INVALID LUN if lun is > 0. (Not much point in supporting LUNs with HD emulation anyway)

Even Linux/NetBSD or even Amix works with low level SCSI emulation so the problem has to be somewhere, probably uaehf.device HD_SCSICMD does not update all structure fields 100% correctly.
That might be. RDPrepX went off and used a bunch of the direct access SCSI commands to help it figure out an optimum formatting mode. It fails on its scan for disks as soon as it tries to read LUN 1 on ID 0. I'll have to dig it out of the code tomorrow if my age enfeebled mind can still read that code. {^_-}

The DiskEd tool is the one I need working. Is the CATS CDROM still floating around? If you don't have that CDROM I'll have to drag it off my image to the Windows machine and email it to you. That CDROM is a must have for developers.

Attach all tools with problems and those problems will disappear. No need for sources but I'd would of course help.

btw, does those tools support SCSI-II or only SCSI-I? Because very ancient versions of hdtoolbox for example don't like what INQUIRY returns if drive is SCSI-II.
Not using HDToolBox. It always made me nervous the way it worked. When you have large amounts of source code on disks on your system you don't want to risk it getting messed up. And I had my own very nice tool that supported Inquiry correctly and all that. It was ugly in that it was a command tool. Dan Barrans did the GUI for it. (I wonder how he is these days.)

Heh, did you know that you CAN embed the RDBs within your first partition? I simply reserved 256 blocks. And because of behaviors of other OSs I started allocating RDBs at block 3. That way a Windows machine was not likely to cream my disks if I hooked them up to one. And the RDBs coexisted nicely using crossdos. So the disk's first block starts out DOS\1 on that giant disk - because I can. That block is still OK. Something else messed up the last partition on the disk's first block. Other diagnostics indicate the partition is still there with its data.


Originally Posted by thomas View Post
uae.device is a fake name which is only used by directory file systems. You are probably mixing up your DH0 partition with a DH0 directory mounted by WinUAE. Check for DH0.1 which is probably your HDD partition.
Erm, DiskEd accesses raw disk. And it knows the device name about the only good way to find it - from the fssm block which has the bad name in it. That SHOULD be an easy fix.

Momma knows what she's doing. My first Amiga was delivered unto me Nov 2 1985. And I both developed driver code and was chief moderator for the Amiga conferences on BIX through its demise - when I was the BIX sysmgr as well.


Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Nice to see another Amiga Wizard(ess) from the old days on this board.

I downloaded RDPrep from Aminet. After adding a DEVICE=uaehf.device tooltype to its icon and running it, I get a software failure when it runs rdprepx to scan for disks. (I'm booting Workbench 3.1 with an RDB-type hardfile.)
That IS a commandline program in its "rdprepx" incarnation, you know. It will work without the GUI.

Yup - exactly. I don't remember if it ever worked with IDE drives. I think I used it on my A1200. I still have that one somewhere, too. (Also have two exotic A4000s that were once part of a theme park, an A3000T that's ill (bad ram chip on the board), a couple A3000s, and a seriously hypertrophied A2000. Oh, and both a CDTV and a CD32. I believe the CDTV has 2.04 era ROMs in it, too. This girl's been around.


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