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Such a shame that the MK2 is not being worked on anymore, Jens in your opinion the product is finished, but to most owners they simply feel like it's still unfinished.

Sure it may do all the stuff that is advertised, but c'mon where is the love for the amiga community, who are hanging out for a couple of features to make the MK2 feel more complete.

We have invested a lot of money into your products, personally i own the Indi Mk2 and the Indi Ecs, that's a lot of cash u have made there as these aren't cheap to buy, so why not support your customers a bit better instead of being really unhelpful all the time.

I would of at least expected Vsync support with the MK2, the Indi Ecs has it so why not the MK2, i think a lot of people who bought the MK2 simply presumed it would support Vsync at some stage because the Ecs version did.

Is it really that hard to implement Vsync? And Jens can we have an actual reason for why it's not going to happen, instead of this almost robotic message every time someone asks you something-

"Product does what it says it does, if you have a problem open a support ticket"

This kind of reply just pisses people off to be honest, why not give some more detailed explanations as to why these extra features are never going to happen instead of just brushing everyone off.

So basically with the MK2 what were left with is a beautiful looking workbench, but horrible movement and tearing in games with the MK2, what a shame

It would appear Jens interest is in the ACA500 at the moment, maybe there is more cash to be made there....
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