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Emulation error

A long time ago in a world far far away (from Microsoft) I used to do software development for a little known and vastly under appreciated computer known as the Amiga.

So much for the introduction. I'll note that I used to develop SCSI software for Microbotics. (I also did the HD configuration tool for 3.9.) This means I tended to leave divots on various and sundry filesystems on the disks I had. One of the most helpful tools I used was something from CATS called DiskEd.

It appears it does not work on WinUAE.

There is another handy dandy tool from CATS called "DevInf". It prints out gobs of obscure data of deep interest to device developers. The disk I want to edit is rather clearly mounted as "DH0:" on a cloned AmigaForever AmiKit. I notice something rather singularly interesting about it. The partitions are labeled to be using uaehf.device. This seems to "work" in a qualified sense. My older disk prep tool requires a SCSI interface and does not work on the drives. HDWrench/HDWTest works. So I know uaehf.device is the device that needs to be accessed. DevInf reports DH0: has an fssm record that points to a non-existent "uae.device".

I am making a giant logical jump here that "uae.device" is an error somewhere in the bowels of the so far remarkably excellent WinUAE/UAE code. It might be worth fixing it. That would save me writing my own version of DiskEd. I've more exciting things to do.

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