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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
That depends on where the last little block of 256k is located - there's a small chance that it all works together.

If you can do a "showconfig" after running that program and post the list of memory blocks here, I can tell you if it works. Would be interesting to see where the additional RAM is located, as I have never seen a full 2M expansion of the trapdoor/Gary type for the A500. The most popular ones all wasted 256k.

I've tried one 1.8MB trapdoor board with a Rev 6A A500, and I got gurus if the second half of the board was connected (with and without the Gary Adapter). I'm running it temporarily now with just the 512K board until I find out if it's usable with the latest firmware. IIRC it only worked with the onboard 1.2 ROM so then of course I lose the CF cards. The manual wasn't in the box so I haven't identified the expansion name for sure yet. If you have no board to test with Jens I'll try to find time for testing, if you email instructions (if needed).
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