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It's overall just got to be a lot more fun to do the Amiga tracks from scratch, even if the mega cd tracks are really great. I think the only way to really compete with them is to do it within a way that the Amiga is most comfortable with, which means protracker for ease of use although some 'proper' chiptunes via ahx would be amazing. I have absolutely no clue really as to how to integrate cd tracks - I guess we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Things have maybe quieted down a bit after the end of year excitement which saw some great releases so a quick update. I spent some time at the end of the last demo and earlier this month trying to learn a few new things.

The parallax scrolling is back - thanks almost entirely to de-bugging Fantastic Dizzy with the WinUAE debugger and this thread
Maybe not really multiplexing - more of an AGA fake but it does the trick!

Swapping of characters in memory is being handled much better, there is almost double the amount of chipram left compared to previously and the engine can swap in new characters very nicely during gameplay. This is basically down to the use of Incbin functions within Blitz. Palette/head swap characters have started to go in. I want soon to try using a method which uses more frames e.g. torso+legs to render some characters, using less memory still and will contribute more of the missing arcade frames, akin to some of the suggestions by dlrfsilver.

Several new backgrounds are ready to go in (up to the middle of stage 3) and have been successfully re-coloured within the constraints of the 32 colour palette. There is a new character palette of 23 colours with the remaining 9 being exclusive to the backgrounds and re-used by the copper vertically. The most colourful background uses 39 colours (including some of the character colours re-used), which is enough to render the new version satisfyingly.

I managed to get 1 pixel per vbl (50fps) scrolling working with 2 pixel per 2vbl (25fps) updating of Haggar. Which worked very nicely until the display gets busy, at which point the scrolling updated at 1 pixel per 2 vbl - slower than Haggar. This made it scroll like Golden Axe and changes the way you can play as you can no longer 'outrun' the goons to the end of each scrolling section.
I've decided for now that the forced 25fps scrolling is adequate, and the game plays more like the original this way.

So really just a few tools that can will be used to push the development of this, and in between I've just been having a break. Still some fairly pressing restructuring to do before pushing on. I'll get back to you in a couple of months or so with another update, and we'll see how far it gets this time! I've put together a little demonstration of the parallax scrolling and copper cols - just 5 cols changed on one line here (yellows becoming greys for the floor) and maybe the background could be a lot better.

Finally I changed my user name as you can see to something I may not be shy to tell others. Lielo was my old lavabit email name which went down with it you could say.


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