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You need to convert the real floppies to adf images first, as the pc floppy won't read the disks directly. With a catweasel card you can read the disks and create adf's from them, but without the card, it's impossible. there is another thingie that can do it, called the kryoflux, but i never used it and don't know how it performs. If you have a real amiga, you can also use Amigaexplorer wich is included in amiga forever for creating the adf directly from your amiga drive, connecting both computers by serial cable. I personally have a catweasel and the process of reading or writing floppies works very well. The other types i mentioned i never used it, so maybe any other forum member who has experience in it could post here. Any other questions, feel free to ask, and welcome aboard!
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