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Toni Wilen - "Todus" ?! WTF?!

Okay, patience with me always helps But i have to express my opinions about how things working and also can show users, what they can expect.
Well, my "ENV-on-disk" trick i invented (its no biggie, but on old HW like orginal A3k at time of its relase helps a little) back into 1989/90 and its used on AmigaOS 2.01 first (NOT the standard 2.04 everyone knows and used later - 2.01 - a funny OS with lots of crazy-looking gfx into window titles and such - just imagine morph between OS 1.33 and 2.04 and into middle of the process you get the idea
Well, but thats the time this idea born - its simply unnecesary co copy prefs to ram, when they could stay on disk, dont eating ram - the bad thing is, that USE means the same as SAVE, while save mostly reporting that cant save, object is in USE.
So, the diference between USE and SAVE anything with prefs is, that USE expecting, that object is into use and still overwrite it, while SAVE dont.
Hope this informations helps too.
Actually, the trick worked from this time, tought betatesting AOS 3.0 (the developer Rom for a3k was a interesting piece of software ) to todays AOS 3.9 bb2

And no dubt about big problems with this filesystem - its a complex thing. Even its own autor dont make it bugfree, look at the latest patch on Aminet for it
FFS4514p.lha util/misc 11K Unofficial patch for the 45.13 FastFileSystem (3.9 BB2)
(actually, i recommending it )
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