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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
The Gamble Hall BBS Intro (Demo) by Scoopex & Disaster Area ->

A500 mc OCS / ECS ... static pixel (again ) on logo (disappear in next part) -> pic.1
A500 confirmed.

Crash Landing (Crack Intro) by Scoopex ->

A500 mc OCS / ECS ... something weird is happening -> pic.2 (Note: Also evident in Fullscreen (TV) filter !!!)
Nothing wrong with the scroller but whole screen (except logo) is shifted to right (right side of scroller wraps around to left). No fix yet but it should be easy one.

Woui Dentreau (Demo) by Majic 12 ->

A500 ECS ... wont work, after loading the mouse arrow changes colors and it last forever !!!
Long decrunch time. AMOS crap, some libs needed = boot using WB disk. (Screen with scrolltext and really ugly blocky garbage appearing in top and bottom is correct!)

Satellite City (Intro) by LSD ->

A500 ECS ... some dashes -> pic.3
A500 confirmed. Usual overscan bugs.

Retro (Demo) by LSD ->

A500 ECS ... CPU HALT1 !!! (Note: Above link says following: To can execute this demo, the filename must be "retro.lsd")
Exactly, works only if renamed.

Trick Or Treat (Intro) by Nerve Axis ->

A500 ECS ... some glitches -> pic.4
80 character mode needed. Color flickering in scroller is normal.

Always test executable demos by booting WB1.3 disk if it does not work when booting directly (no one boots demos this way on real hardware!)
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