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Echo - using zip to transfer data between my A1200 sich scsi zip and my PC crap normaly.
The performace (reading/writing) is nearly the same on both machines (Amiga is slightly slover, but just a bit, really - OTOH its very reliable!!!)
Win2k, in cotrast, have so many cache problems. I solved this using a sync.exe command, what flush all caches and then eject the zip, when transfer is complete. Cool tool.
But still.
W2k ahng instantly (blue screen, total fault), when i try copy file, writen on Amiga to the zip, with longer filename!!!
It suxx. The file is properly viewed, and on Amiga can be copyied back, but never ever on PC.
Very disapointing, from my PC

Twistin'Ghost - good idea, trying to replace the very relative (":" means on Amiga actuall device - so, its entierly universal, just like Assign Volume1OfStupidGame "" - assign goes into curent directory, where the script is ) path with absolute one realy MIGHT be worth a try, i do it... :-)
But anyway, your example is still relative adresing, dude
Because SYS is the booting volume, no matter what its it logical or physical name
(jsut to prove you lack of knowledge and make fun of you, sorry, i could not resist ...take it as fun, please, and not as insult )
Actually, yours idea is good. Since Assign SYS:Prefs work, why should not Assign ENV: SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys - right?

...well, it did not work also...
Something into how the WinUAE handles filesystem is just plain wrong...
Toni, could you please look at this? Thx!
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