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Wink Memory, memory...

Echo/Burseg - any full (not EC!) 020/030 cpu (LC and EC 040/060 as wel) can handle 4G of adressspace (32bit). How the space is maintained is up to AmigaOS specs.
Mostly there is a 128MB limit, but with Blizzard seried, when you add a SCSI kit, you can stick 128MB module into it, what with 64MB into Blizzard itself can show as 192MB of ram
Mine Blizz+scsi kit has got 2x 64MB 50nS ram modules, getting 128MB of ram.

Toni Wilen - yes, there is no big diference, except the very confusing naming "Z3 fastram" - most long time Amiga users never ever hear about it at all!
And i wont call is Z2-fast at all! Hell, simply fast-ram!
And its already there, just pretty please increase the limit of it to 128MB, when 020+ is choosen, thanks! (together with correcting the adressing space)

68881/68882 - i think too, but im lazy to check manuals, so, i could be proven wrong And no, i dont asked for this, i asked for reporting the FPU as 68882 instead of 68881, cause the speed is more close to 68882
Acutally, its much faster, but thats sure closely to 68882 that "1", right?

And its better to implement a MMU, that realy pointless exact cycle fpu emulation
You are so damn right there!
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