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Vision Thing BBS & Endor BBS (Intro) by Infect ->

I have tried all WinUAE configs from A500 till A1200 and didnt managed to reach the 2nd screen with no one ... on A1200 it almost blocked all processes on my PC laptop ... so this is main reason why reporting it here. (used test winuae 2014-01-29 16:57)

EDIT: It seems this is AGA demo so found it by accident ...
If you interested found also (by accident) another AGA demo with only music playing after logo screen:
Harmagedon (Demo) by Infect -> (Note: Works fine in WinUAE 2.6.1 !!!)

I dont know, but maybe would be good that there exist an AGA problem thread also just for collecting the existing problems ... this could be used for near/far future when AGA "phase 2 of 68020 CE" development finished ... who know if there will be someone in future interested for this task ... just saying.

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