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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Doc Disk 3 Intro (Intro) by Byte Busters ->

A500 (most common) ... some glitches -> pic.1

My Dog Ben (Intro) by Dual Format ->

A500 (most common) ... glitches -> pic.2
Confirmed, glitch is slightly different on real A500, which is normal, it is caused by writing to blitter registers while blitter is active.

Catch 'Em - final (Crack Intro) by Delight ->

A500 (most common) ... buggy copper conflict with blitter channel D -> pic.3
It is only a log message, it does not do anything (yet), it is not 100% correct.
Can't duplicate your screenshot.

48 Hours Production (Demo) by Flashing Bytes ->

A500 (OCS, ECS) ... something strange is happening on 1st part ... also seems vector leaking on 2nd part !!!
Both glitches A500 confirmed. Seems to be made for faster system than A500.
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