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Pirates! - Quartex crack, manual protection - didn't seem to be cracked at all

Am sure this has been TOSEC'ed but don't know if it was ever identified or not, or maybe it was later fixed

If fixed already, can what is the adf name?

Double Dragon II ( Defjam ):
works only on Amigas with Agnus 8371
Originally Posted by andreas View Post
No bug in the crack, but a mistake made by the programmer, Richard Aplin.
He corrected the mistake by releasing a second version, which has never been (re-)cracked, though.
What was up with that exactly - ie. what was the actual mistake in the coding?

I think I had both original and cracked version of these on disk but both had same issues - not sure if I have re-release or not, but has re-release been cracked since and if so what is the adf name in TOSEC?

This was also one where I thought the original would have copied easily using a sector by sector copy, but it didn't (Double Dragon and DDIII originals both copied easily for me, but not DD2)...

but strangely the crash in the copy happened in the same place as when trying to load DD2 original on a non Agnus 8371 Amiga - coincidence?
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