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Originally Posted by Brannigan View Post
A computer with advanced grapics, sample based stereo sound, and multi tasking OS? Who can't love this machine which obviously was well ahead of its time. The future was here, right?
I'd add that the Amiga was a glimpse of what the future still holds concerning computer architecture. The holistic approach to designing the architecture with interdependent custom chips, specialized in certain kinds of tasks, still is something we (as a species) haven't done much more since the Amiga.

Considering that [ Show youtube player ]'s Global Village Construction Set might be complete [ Show youtube player ], we will have the tools to experiment with locally sourced components and the resulting computers in the not so distant future. This means not having to be limited to what the proprietary market provides. Stay tuned .

And you're in Australia, home of Permaculture, a functional design approach for civilization building, that goes hand in hand with these tools. I bet you're going to love what's coming in the next decades. Sooner yet, if you start to pay attention to the emerging patterns. The Amiga really is an inspiration. Enjoy.
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