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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Ok, back on topic ...

Better Dead Than Alien (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & The Kent Team & Inertia ->

A500 KS1.2, 0.5 Chip ... 3 static pixels -> pic.1
3 pixels if OCS, 4 pixels if ECS A500 (ECS) and A1000 confirmed, pixel positions match UAE 100%.

Also noticed on latest test (2014-01-26) if start with QS A500 1.2 512 chip configuration, sometimes no WB hand is shown ... only white screen.
Weird, it happen a few times while testing the demo, but for some reason couldnt repeat it again. Yeah, probably I did something wrong.
Possibly fixed now.

Major Motion (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & Quoram ->

A500 KS1.2, 0.5 Chip ... 1 static pixels (in overscan) -> pic.2
A500 and A1000 confirmed. If coder had seen that pixel, he would also have fixed those copper bar bugs in right border. I am also quite sure that "f" in left border is another demo overscan bug.

Mercenary: Escape from Targ and The Second City (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & The Kent Team ->

A500 KS1.2, 0.5 Chip ... the 1st line looks strange -> pic.3
A500 and A1000 confirmed.
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