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*slaps self on head*

CD32 CDs are NOT hard to create.
About a year ago, I created a CD with 400+ games, of which 90-95% work and the remaining either don't work, or require keyboard controls at some point
On this very same CD, there's about 80 or so demos

I didn't use a menu to launch the games because that's limited to how many entries the menu system supports. Rather, my CD boots into a minimum install of workbench with startup-sequence, etc. modified heavily so the very minimum is loaded on startup, thus ensuring I get the maximum amount of memory to myself. Also on startup, I have a program called joymouse (I think) which allows me to navigate workbench using my CD32 pad/joystick

So yeah. The Emu-Uk thing is nothing spectacular, although I do applaud them for at least giving it a shot, while other people just sit around and whine about how it's possible but they don't want to do it.

Don't pay too much for it. A CD32 is nothing but an A1200 without a keyboard or floppy drive. If it were me (I must emphasise ME....I seem to get things pretty cheap), I would pay no more than $30 AUS (about $15 US). I've seen them go for less here in Australia. I don't know the CD32 situation in other countries

As I stated above, it's possible to play just about any Amiga game on your CD32, with the following conditions:
- The game can run in 1.5mb - 2mb chip RAM. CD32 has no fast RAM
- The game is HD installable, whether it be via WHDLoad, Jst, or just a normal WB Game
- The game doesn't require keyboard

If it satisfies the above, it's very simple to create a bootable CD.
Set up a WinUAE HD which is 68020, 2mb chip RAM, AGA. Install this HD with Workbench 3.x and optimise the startup-sequence if you want to free some memory.
From here, begin installing games to this HD. Remember you're limited to 650mb/700mb (depending on what type of CD you use...does the CD32 support CDs of greater density?).
Test every game to make sure they work on this HD setup, as well as them not requiring keyboard (IMPORTANT!). Sometimes, even though the game works under WinUAE on your HD setup, they won't necessarily work on CD32, so that's something you'll just have to put up with unfortunately....
When you're done, follow the steps at since it looks like it's basically what's needed to create the CD

In the end, you should have a bootable CD32 CD.

If anyone is trying to make a CD and is having trouble, PM me or something. I'll try to help out, although it's been a while since I mucked around with this type of thing.
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