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No problem at all, your English seems perfectly fine to me.

Where abouts in Russia?
Rostov-on-Don. It's in the south of our country and so faaaaar away from Krasnoyarsk

Was the CD32 sold in stores over there?
Unfortunately we have no stores that specialise on retro gaming stuff. But we have some internet forums like, where people buy consoles, games and other stuff on ebay, hit-japan or something like that and resell them at a higher price. Or sell their own collections... for many reasons.

It's perfect solution for people, who doesn't want buy directly from ebay. Me for example)

Looks like Another World does indeed have a slave for second button support. I've not tried that slave though so I don't know what exactly the second button does.
Can you test it? Sure if this slave doesn't have 2 button support - you don't need to add this game to your compilation.

PS search if you want to find out what capabilities whdload adds to Amiga games.

never mind, it just brings up the password enter box, which requires a keyboard anyway!
You mean password screen or copy protection screen during loading?

Sorry, but last time i tried to play Another World on my CD32 year ago and can't remember anything... except that one version is freezing on level 2 and other one plays fine. I used a few compilation disks like 888 in 1, but can't remember which one have playable version.

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